We've received some really good questions...here are a few answers

Sorry for the lack of detail so far. But we're still finalizing things, especially the food event. 

This experience is designed for both the casual and serious rider. While it is timed, it is not a race (although I imagine some riders will make it one). In fact we've designed two rest stops that will entice you to take a break, both for the food offerings (not just your bruised banana and PB&J) and the hospitality. The course will be challenging to the degree you want it to be. Mostly flat with some rollers...and maybe a little detour off-road (optional). And the Festival at the end will be really cool...5 well known Chefs cooking up great food and fun. Your ticket is included with registration. But, you'll want to have friends and family meet you there. Tickets for them will be available separately (announcement coming soon).

In a nutshell...the whole idea behind a Gran Fondo is to elevate the standard Century ride experience both in quality and challenge. We've focused more on the quality. And will leave the challenge up to the rider...giving you a variety of options to step up your game and compete with your friends.

More details to come soon...stay tuned.